Hell's Waiting Room
Purgatory, you wish!
Welcome to the Who's-Who of Hell.

OK, not quite... our residents aren't physically dead yet. But ethically, they've been gone for a while and will be VIP's when they do arrive. Consider it a likely vision of St. Peter's staging area for the morally challenged, given their earthly actions, evil motives or generally deceptive spiel.

Our guests will include:

Ted Kennedy: Who better to lead with? This guy just might take over Hell and bring half of Massachusetts with him... An unreal contributor that needs no explanation. The benchmark by which all others will be judged.

Hillary Rodham-Clinton: All screaming and belching aside, New York has a fine Rent-a-Senator and HWR candidate who definitely knows the way to the Big House.

Kenneth Lay: Who doesn't have a CEO that's taking in $10M or more a year while you claw for your 3%? Is that really a crime?

... more to come

(This site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and I'm just ranting right now)

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